Blaster Al Ackerman

Leben und Arbeit/biography

Blaster Al Ackerman was born in 1939. He has been tirelessly active artistically since the early 1970s; he mainly did Mail Art and performances, but also wrote prose and poetry. A lot of his works take the form of ferocious but deadpan humor executed using a bewildering variety of pseudonyms. They had been published in magazines all around the world, especially in John M. Bennetts Lost & Found Times.

Blaster Al Ackerman is especially known for his pen and ink line drawings and artistamps. He liked to collaborate with others like Bennett and Darlene Altschul. In 2005 he did the LP I Am Drunk (EHSE Label) with recordings of his spoken performances.

Ackermann passed away on March 17, 2013.

Blaster Al Ackerman wurde 1939 geboren. Er war seit den frühen 1970er Jahren unermüdlich künstlerisch aktiv, arbeitete vor allem mit Mail Art und Performances, schrieb aber auch Poesie und Prosa. Viele seiner Arbeiten, die er unter verwirrenden Pseudonymen ausgeführte, zeugen von seinem tiefschwarzen Humor. Sie wurden in Magazinen in der ganzen Welt veröffentlicht, insbesondere in Lost & Found Times von John M. Bennett.

Blaster Al Ackerman ist vor allem für seine Bleistift- und Tintenzeichnungen und seine Artistamps bekannt. Gern kollaboratierte er mit anderen, wie mit Bennett und Darlene Altschul. Im Jahr 2005 hat er die LP I Am Drunk (EHSE Label) mit Aufnahmen seiner Sprach-Performances herausgebracht.

Am 17. März 2013 ist er verstorben.

Ausgewählte Arbeiten/selected works

Literatur (Auswahl)/literature (selection)

  • Ackerman, Al: Confessions of an American Ling Master (1984)
  • Ackerman, Al: The Blaster Omnibus (1994)
  • Ackerman, Al: I Taught My Dog to Shoot a Gun (2000)
  • Ackerman, Al: Corn & Smoke (2006)



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  1. Al Ackerman, The Complete Works from Lost & Found Times 1979 – 2005 Luna Bisonte Prods received these accolades about the Ackerman LAFT anthology via email: “I GOT MINE! Yesterday’s snail mail brought a ‘big treasure’. I can guess that much of what’s in the book was sent to me in correspondence from Blaster… still it is great to have in a nice organized ‘clean’ format. I love this Iconic book.” – Darlene Altschul, long-time mailartist and producer of artistamps from Blaster’s artworks………………… “Just plugged the book on my FB page. Hope you sell a boatload.” Norman Conquest told his Facebook contacts to go to his site and “Have a Blast”. Norman Conquest, Président-Fondateur, Publishers of Sublime Art & Literature – Black Scat Books……………………..”Received mine the other day, as well. You did a great job on this. Classic for sure. I’m pleased to add it to the collection. My regards to C. on the fantastic job she did on the Blaster [LAFT anthology]” -John Held Jr., staff writer for San Francisco Arts Quarterly, curator of recent GUTAI exhibit and artistamp exhibits, mailartist. Here a link to the book:

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