Keiichi Nakamura

Leben und Arbeit/biography

Keiichi Nakamura was born in Okazaki in 1960. In 1982 he received a business degree from Hokkaido University. In 1994, introduced to the network by Shozo Shimamoto, he started to send out Mail Art.

Today he lives in Tokyo, making collages, visual poetry, Artistamps, artists’ books and objects. He enjoys working with other mail-art artists.


  • 1995 “Open Eye”
  • 1996–97 “I am here”
  • 1997–2000 “With You”
  • 2010 TOKITAMA-Mail Art-Projekt

Keiichi Nakamura wurde 1960 in Okazaki geboren. 1982 machte er einen Wirtschafts-Abschluss an der Hokkaido University. 1994 hat er, durch Shozo Shimamoto angeregt, begonnen, Mail Art zu versenden.

Heute lebt er in Tokio und macht Collagen, visuelle Poesie, Artistamps, Künstlerbücher und Objekte. Dabei arbeitet er gern mit anderen Mail Art-Künstlern zusammen.

Ausgewählte Arbeiten/selected works

Literatur (Auswahl)/literature (selection)

  • Nakamura, Keiichi: “OPEN EYE” anthology of mail arts (1995 Tokyo).
  • Nakamura, Keiichi: “I am here” mail art’s book (1996 Tokyo).
  • Nakamura, Keiichi: “DIAMOND POESY” collaborative visual poetry with Julien Blaine (2000 Tokyo).
  • Nakamura, Keiichi: “The Tropic of Cancer” collaborative visual poetry with Rea Nikonova (2001 Tokyo).
  • Mailart Galaxy, a cura di Giancarlo Da Lio e Tiziana Baracchi, 2010, Venezia, Italy.
  • Farepoesia 3, a cura di Giancarlo Da Lio e Tiziana Baracchi, 2010, Pavia, Italy.



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