Michael Scott

Leben und Arbeit/biography

Michael Scott was born in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1934, where he spent most of his life. His family owned a textile factory, which he inherited after the death of his father. As a businessman, he lived reserved and was a man of secrets. His heart beat for the art, but he had no formal art training. He participated in the mail art since the early 1970s. He had close contacts with Genesis P. Orridge, Robin Crozier and Graciela Gutiérrez Marx and created wonderful letters that he decorated with collages and stamps. His mail art was mainly focused on a “one to one” relationship, but he has also contributed to publications such as Vile, Arte Postale, and Rubber Stamp Madness. Michael Scott was known especially for his 11th Hour Pagescapes, and in 1979 he organized the largest mail art show in the UK, the “Poste restante” at the Liverpool Academy of Arts. In 1988 he committed suicide.

For the 10th anniversary of his death an assembling with contributions by Anna Banana, Roger Radio, John Evans and others, which also contains many facsimiles of his 11th Hour Pagescapes was done. See: http://issuu.com/kollagekid/docs/mscott

Michael Scott wurde 1934 in Leeds, Yorkshire geboren, wo er den Großteil seines Lebens verbrachte. Seine Familie besaß eine Textilfabrik, die er nach dem Tod des Vaters erbte. Als Geschäftsmann lebte er zurückhaltend und war ein Mann der Geheimnisse. Sein Herz schlug für die Kunst, dabei hatte er keine formale künstlerische Ausbildung. An der Mail Art nahm er seit den frühen 1970er Jahren teil. Er hatte intensive Kontakte zu Genesis P. Orridge, Robin Crozier und Graciela Gutiérrez Marx und schuf herrliche Briefe, die er mit Collagen und Stempeln verzierte. Seine Mail Art war hauptsächlich auf eine “eins zu eins”-Beziehung gerichtet, er hat aber auch an Publikationen wie Vile, Arte Postale und Rubberstampmadness mitgewirkt. Michael Scott war vor allem für seine 11th Hour Pagescapes bekannt, und er organisierte 1979 die größte Mail Art-Show in Großbritannien, die “Poste Restante” in der Liverpooler Academy of Arts. Im Jahr 1988 beging er Selbstmord.

Zum 10. Jahrestag seines Todes entstand ein Assembling mit Beiträgen von Anna Banana, Roger Radio, John Evans und anderen, das auch viele Faksimiles seiner 11th Hour Pagescapes enthält. Siehe unter: http://issuu.com/kollagekid/docs/mscott

Ausgewählte Arbeiten/selected works

Literatur (Auswahl)/literature (selection)



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3 thoughts on “Michael Scott”

  1. I was delighted to see this on the internet when searching for Michael. Then gasped in shock and sadness to hear of Michael’s suicide. I knew him back in 1971/2 and visited his home with my then partner Genesis. We corresponded with Michael a lot and I was in admiration of his wonderful 11th hour artworks. I didn’t hear about your tribute but would have gladly contributed had I known. I have such very fond memories of him.

  2. I had the privilege of receiving his letters in the 80s and visited him and Susan on an art tour, For more about Michael and images of his works, he is featured in the book Tour ’81 Sketchbook including an article reprinted from Umbrella magazine. (Article alone posted on my http://ginnylloyd.blogspot.com) He is also included with a few artistamp pages in Make Your Own Stamps Sheet project. Both books are at Tropichacha Press and sometimes on eBay.

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