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Below you can find the link to a Mail Art interview part of the “Cult TV” program of the Swiss national television in Italian language (RSI LA1), broadcasted Sunday March 2, 2014 and now visible in streaming on the web site of RSI. In the few minutes at our disposal, we tried to give a quick overview of the multifaceted nature of the universe of postal art:


The curators of the program, Stefano Roncoroni and Giotto Parini, also prepared three bonus videos on the subject of Mail Art, all now online (the music at the start of the first two sections is by Le Forbici di Manitù). You can find the links below:

The wonderful utopia of Mail Art:

Ray Johnson, the father of Mail Art:

The strange case of Guglielmo Achille Cavellini:

A few extra links:

Jas W Felter

Leben und Arbeit/biography

James Warren Felter (Jas W Felter) was born in New York State in the USA in 1943. He started painting as a teenager, and made his first Mail Art in 1957. He has an BA in Fine Art (Painting) from the University of South Florida (1964).  He was a United States Peace Corps Volunteer to Ecuador in the First Latin American Regional Handicraft Program (1964–66). He was the founding Director/Curator of the Simon Fraser University Gallery in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (1972–1985).  He currently lives in Vancouver, BC.

Jas W Felter is a published poet, art critic, author, film-maker, curator, collector and visual artist.  He had his first solo exhibition in 1961 and made his first artistamp in 1974, the same year he organized and curated the world’s first exhibition of Artistamps presented at Simon Fraser University (October 1974).  During that same year he formed a legal corporation known as FIVE/CINQ Aesthetics Limited to act as an artist – mainly to produce and distribute Mail Art.  Now he runs a unincorporated entity under the name of FIVE/CINQ Unlimited. Felter has organized numerous exhibitions of Artistamps, including Artistamps and Stamp Images which toured Canada, the USA and Europe.

James Warren Felter (Jas W Felter) wurde 1943 im Staat New York in den USA geboren. Als Teenager begann er zu malen. Seine erste Mail Art machte er im Jahr 1957. Er besitzt einen BA in Fine Arts (Malerei) der University of South Florida (1964). Als US Peace Corps Volunteer war er im ersten lateinamerikanischen Regionalhandwerks-Programm von 1964 bis 1966 in Ecuador tätig. Er war Gründungsdirektor/Kurator der Simon Fraser University Gallery in Burnaby, British Columbia, Kanada (1972–1985). Heute lebt er in Vancouver, BC.

Jas W Felter ist Dichter, Kunstkritiker, Autor, Filmemacher, Kurator, Sammler und bildender Künstler. Er hatte seine erste Einzelausstellung bereits im Jahr 1961 und schuf 1974 seine ersten Artistamps. Im selben Jahr organisierte und kuratierte er die weltweit erste Ausstellung von Artistamps an der Simon Fraser University (Oktober 1974). Gleichzeitig gründete er die FIVE/CINQ Aesthetics Limited. Als Künstler widmete er sich vor allem der Herstellung und Verbreitung von Mail Art. Heute betreibt er eine Personengesellschaft unter dem Namen FIVE/CINQ Unlimited. Jas W Felter machte zahlreiche Ausstellungen von Artistamps, die in Kanada, den USA und in Europa zu sehen waren.

Ausgewählte Arbeiten/selected works

Literatur (Auswahl)/literature (selection)

  • 450 Diseños del 500 D.C. (1966 – Ecuador)
  • International Directory of Artistamp Creators (1995 – Canada)
  • Artistamps/Francobolli d’Artista (2000 – Italy)
  • In Situ, Vol. I, II, III (The Jas Millennium Project – (2000-2014 – Canada)


  • Friedel Dzubas (1964 – USA)
  • Shipibo Painting in the Upper Amazon (1982 – Canada)


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