MARK BLOCH Panmodern!

“Panmodern!” An Exhibition of the Mark Bloch/Postal Art Network Archive To Open March 26 to June 30, 2020 at New York University’s Bobst Library

Well, that event has now been postponed because of the Covid-19 virus.


MARK BLOCH with Megan N. Liberty

“I guess I’ve always had a bit of the archivist in me.”

(Portrait of Mark Bloch, pencil on paper by Phong H. Bui)


Mark Bloch wants to alert you to some wonderful press he received from the Brooklyn Rail regarding his show. It is a cover story in the March issue which features an interview he did there:

Instead, he now wants to invite you to listen to his podcast which addresses the outbreak of the virus and the postponement of his exhibition.

And look at his website to keep in touch.

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