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Prompt: We live in real time.

Often associated with the Fluxus movement and Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence School, mail art has a deep association with Printed Matter’s mission of circumventing the institutional spaces through which art is usually distributed and consumed and providing artworks directly to the audience to be experienced in the context of their daily lives. In our digital age there are countless ways to engage with artists and art movements around the globe, but we thought we’d go analog—back to printed matter!⁠

Send us your art in mail form before May 18, 2020! We’ll be selecting one piece of mail art per day to feature as an Instagram Story. Once we return to our normal operations, we’ll make a selection of submissions to be featured in a publication, and all submissions will be saved in Printed Matter’s institutional archive. Please note there will be no returns.

Please use caution when sending us physical mail. If you or anyone in your household feels ill, or if you do not feel safe traveling to a post office, please send a photo of your submission to: Whenever it feels safe to physically mail the submission, please do so—we would love to receive as many physical submissions as possible.⁠


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endre tót-2020

(Endre Tót 2020)



Ein Film über Klaus Staeck

Die Kunst findet nicht im Saale statt!

Der Plakatkünstler Klaus Staeck. Ein Film von Andreas Ammer, SWR Fernsehen.

Klaus Staeck, Jahrgang 1938, gehört zu jener Generation von deutschen Intellektuellen, deren Leben mit der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik zusammenfällt. Er hat diese Geschichte künstlerisch begleitet und politisch kommentiert – und ist gestaltend Teil dieser Geschichte geworden. Der Autor Andreas Ammer zeigt in seinem Dokumentarfilm ein eindrucksvolles, inspirierendes Bild des Künstlers, Aktivisten und Menschen Klaus Staeck.

300staeck2004(Klaus Staeck, Postkartenausstellung im Atelier Klöckner, 28. September 2019. Foto © Urszula Usakowska-Wolff)

In der ARD Mediathek.

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