Mail Art Wave 2022

Every 6 years since 1986 the Mailart Network has organized and joined A Decentralized World Congress, each with a different theme – a collective project  that takes place whenever two or more networkers meet, in real space, in postal space or in cyberspace. This year we are undertaking the Mail Art Wave 2022 to share new and extraordinary plans to save Mail Art and Planet Earth. We favor fighting hate campaigns, the emergence of narrow nationalism and all forms of racism and attacks on democracy. And on the bright side we support eco-sustainable approaches to human life.

Join in and help create a great, powerful, unstoppable wave of regenerating energy.

Open Promoting Committee (let us know if we can add your name)

Vittore Baroni

Claudio Romeo

Joel S. Cohen – The Sticker Dude

John Held, Jr.

From The Sticker Dude:

I am the host and co-founder of a group of Mail Artists who have been meeting once a month on Zoom – ZMAG Zoom Mailart Group to discuss mail art issues, share mailart developments,  history,  artistic techniques, and to participate in joint projects. You can see a brief history of our group in the attachment below.

In our next meeting on Wed., January 19,  2022 at 7:30 PM Eastern (NYC) Time we will be showing a very interesting informative 17 minute video (in English) made by the active Italian Mail Artist Vittore Baroni, on The History and Documentation of Decentralized World Congresses. Vittore has actually organized several of these past Congresses. Then  we will discuss any ideas we may have for the Mail Art Wave 2022. Please note that  this Mail Art Wave Project is not a “formally” endorsed project of ZMAG, but rather one which I support wholeheartedly.

As the host of ZMAG, Zoom Mailart Group, a group of mail artists who meet monthly to discuss and explicate and dissect many aspects of Mail Art, I  invited you to participate in Our January 19 meeting to learn about and discuss the Mailart Wave 2020 International Mail  Art Project. Several from this list of about 50 attended. For various reasons you did not. If you are one of those interested in this project and our Zoom group, but could not attend, we are extending another invitation to our Wed. February 16, 2022 7:30 PM Eastern (NYC)Time Zoom gathering where we will discuss this project and show works which we have completed.

Notes: To view Vittore Baroni’s video on the history of Decentralized World Congresses, of which this is the most recent, go on YouTube to Decentralized Congresses History (parts 1 to 5).Also,attached to this email is the mail art invitation to this project.

If you wish to attend this video showing contact The Sticker Dude at for a link. Similarly if you’re interested, but can’t make this meeting time, let me know as I will be arranging more Zoom showings and discussions. And the video will probably be posted online soon for easy access anytime. If you wish a snail mail info package I will be doing a mailing soon, send me your address. There’s also ample contact  & information in the “Announcement and Call” attached.

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