Here you’ll find some of the contributions to both of the Farewell Issues that Birger Jesch and Lutz Wohlrab edited in 2005 and 2007 as special issues of the original graphic magazine entwerter/oder (publishing house: Uwe Warnke, Berlin). In it international Mail Artists look back on their deceased friends.

After the death of John Evans (1932–2012) and Shozo Shimamoto (1928–2013) it was time again to publish another volume of »farewells«. As Lutz Wohlrab resumed his publishing activity in 2009 with a book that honors Robert Rehfeldt (1931–1993), it is only logical that the third Farewells issue is now appearing in his own publishing house: www.wohlrab-verlag.de

Abschiede/Farewells 1 (2005)

Internationale Mail Artisten erinnerten sich an ihre verstorbenen Freunde. Mit Beiträgen von: Jürgen Gottschalk, Vittore Baroni, Colette und Günther Ruch, Marcello Diotallevi, Daniel und Angela Behrendt, Johan van Geluwe, Birger Jesch, Richard Larter, Klaus Staeck, Horst Hahn, Gerd Börner, Karla Sachse, Darlene Altschul, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Mogens Otto Nielsen, Uwe Warnke, Kurt Rose, Luc Fierens, Lutz Wohlrab und Hendryk Liersch.

Sondernummer der originalgrafischen Zeitschrift entwerter/oder

33 Exemplare

Format: 29,5 x 21 cm

Abschiede/Farewells 2 (2007)

Internationale Mail Artisten erinnerten sich an ihre verstorbenen Freunde. Mit Beiträgen von: John Held Jr., Vincent Trasov, David Dellafiora, Uwe Dressler, José Roberto Sechi, Rolf Schneider, Lutz Wohlrab, Bernd Reichert, Birger Jesch, Horst Hahn, Daniel Behrendt, Michael Fox, John M. Bennett, Armin Bardel, Tiziana Baracchi, Jörg Seifert, Geert de Decker, Uwe Warnke und Keith Bates.

Sondernummer der originalgrafischen Zeitschrift  entwerter/oder

33 Exemplare

Format: 29,5 x 21 cm

Abschiede/Farewells 3 (2013)

An assembling with contributions by Anna Banana (CA), Vittore Baroni (IT), Keith Bates (GB), Guy Bleus (BE), buZ blurr (US), Hans Braumüller (CL, DE), Carl Chew (US), David Dellafiora (AT), Hans Ruedi Fricker (CH), György Galántai (HU), Klaus Groh (DE), John Held, Jr. (US), Susanna Lakner (DE), Francis Van Maele (IE), Graciela Gutiérrez Marx (AR), Rea Nikonova (RU), Clemente Padin (UY), Serge Segay (RU), Klaus Staeck (DE), John Tostado (US) & Lutz Wohlrab (DE).

33 Copies – 9 for sale

Format: 29,5 x 21 cm


The Dead Mailartists Club


see here: http://www.keithbates.co.uk/cameraderie.html

Joseph Beuys, Germany, 12.5.1921 – 25.1.1986
Robert Filliou, France, 17.1.1926 – 2.12.1987
Michael Scott, England, 1934 – 5.1.1988
Aart van Barneveld, Holland, died 1988
Mike Bidner, Canada, 31.8.1944 – 5.4.1989
Karsten Matthes, Germany, 1959 – 20.4.1989
Ulises Carrion, Mexico/Holland, 1941 – 6.10.89
Damaso Ogaz, Venezuela, 17.8.1924 – 14.3.1990
Achille Guglielmo Cavellini, Italy, 11.9.1914 – 23.10.1990
Achim Weigelt, Germany, 30.4.65 – 30.11.1990
Heino Otte, Germany, 7.3. 1946 – 14.5.1993
Robert Rehfeldt, Germany, 5.1.1931 – 28.9.1993
Ray Johnson, USA, 16.10.1927 – 13.1.1995
Guillermo Deisler, Germany, 15.6.1940 – 21.10.1995
Pat Larter, Australia, 8.7.1936 – 9.10.1996
Josef Klaffki, Germany, 1943 – 18.5.1997
Marcel Stüssi, Switzerland, 9.6.1943 – 12.8.1997
Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Argentinia, 28.12.1928 – 4.11.1997
Buster Cleveland, USA, 1943 – 6.5.1998
Dick Higgins, UK/US/Canada, 1938 – 1998
Martin Bernhardt, Germany, 22.1.1961 – 24.10.2000
Norman Solomon (Mr Postcards), USA, died 2000
David Cole, USA, 27.12.1939-  19.4.2000
Robin Crozier, England, 21.12.1936 – 21.12.2001
Wolfgang Eigendorf, Germany, 7.5.1954 – 22.2.2002
Ivan Preissler, Czech Republic, 28.4.1953 – 1.4.2002
Cornelius (Kees) Francke, Holland, 18.9.1952 – 24.6.2002
Joseph W. Huber, Germany, 26.6.1951 – 5.8.2002
Lon Spiegelman, USA, 1941 – 13.12.2002
Bern Porter, USA, 14.2.1911 – 7.6.2004
Friedrich Winnes, Germany, 21.7.1949 – 1.5.2005
Marilyn Dammann (Shadow), USA, 1934 – 22.5.2005
Carlo Pittore, USA, 14.5.1943 – 17.7.2005
Baudhuin Simon, Belgium, 29.8.1947 – 9.3.2006
Piermario Ciani, Italy, 19.6.1951 – 3.7.2006
Gianluca Lerici (Professor Bad Trip), Italy, died Nov 2006
Judith Hoffberg, USA, 1934 – 17.1.2009
John Evans, USA, 1932 – 5.10.2012
Christine Tarantino, USA, 3.12.1948 – 7.12.2012
Shozo Shimamoto, Japan, 22.1.1928 – 25.1.2013
Blaster Al Ackerman, USA, 1939 – 25.1.2013
Albrecht/d, Germany, 21.4.1944 – 12.2.2013
Helmut Zielke, Germany, 12.11.1938 – 3.3.2013
Patricia Tavenner, USA, 22.3.1935 – 10.5.2013
Günther Ruch, Switzerland, 1942 – 20.8.2013
Aloys Ohlmann, Germany, 9.3.1938 – 16.9.2013
Rea Nikonova, Russia, 25.6.1942 – 10.3.2014
Richard Larter, Australia, 19.5.1929 – 25.7.2014
Alice Kitselman (Dragonfly Dream), USA, 1961 – 2014
Serge Segay, Russia, 19.3.1947 – 21.9.2014
Guido Vermeulen, Belgium, 6.3.1954 – 23.9.2014

Thilo Götze Regenbogen, 24.3.1949 – 30.4.2015
Harley (Terra Candella), USA, 15.10.1940 – 10.1.2017
Diane Horn, USA, died 2017
Norbert Koczorski, Germany, 1953 – March 2018
Tiziana Baracchi, Italy, 1952 – 7.5.2018
Guy Schraenen, Belgium, 5.5.1941 – 9.11.2018
Hans Heß, Germany, 31.1.1951 – 10.2.2019
Pawel Petasz, Poland, 1951 – 11.4.2019

Norwid Mechow, Germany, 2.3.1947 – 15.9.2019
Peter W. Kaufmann, Switzerland, 4.7.1945 – 12.10.2019
Dobrica Kamperelić, Serbia, 1947 – 17.1.2020
Johan van Geluwe, Belgium, 8.5.1929 – 28.1.2020

Paul Tiililä, Finland, 22.10.1931 – 12.7.2020

Renee Bouws, Netherlands, 7.10.1939 – 21.11.2021

E. F. Higgins III, USA, 10.11.1949 – 16.12.2021.

Graciela Gutiérrez-Marx, Argentina, 4.04.1945 – 30.01.2022

Rainer Luck, Germany, 1946 – 31.12.2022

Mogens Otto Nielsen, Denmark, 1945 – 2.03.2023

2 thoughts on “Farewells”

  1. Dawkins! So that is why they stopped communicating with me! Sad news abounds, Rod

    1. Dear Rod,

      who are we, and if yes, how many?

      “I’m still alive”. Famous quote. In a series of meanwhile partly obsolete artificial identities from Anthroart, Antthroat (and other incarnations) to PlantaMundi. Even in mailart I’d been clandestine enough to avoid usertracking ;-)). In old times we met two times in person, one was the walk during the Networker Congress. You asked whether I’m ready to walk, though I was quite stoned, even after a lot of o-juice.

      Ha, what a timely coincidence NOW!

      PlantaMundi and the documentary movie “The Green Space” (most likely a subject of your interest) is by my public identity. The plantamundi website appears in some weeks: .

      For the movie I’m Associate Producer. It got ready some days ago, now going to festivals worldwide. See the placeholder to the movie in the Internet Movie DataBase: .

      Hope you can accept an invitation to a another plantamundi project with biotopes, birds and media, starting in some months most likely. It happens in my green and large gardenlandscape between Cologne and “Bergisches Land”. The wole project planned to run for more than a year. I care for each of the invited who is able to realize an own convincing concept for a biotopic artwork on the spot. Most likely you meet interesting people there.

      If in principle you are interested, I send a more detailed basic concept in a while . You visit for short time or days to develop a concept for your work on the spot.

      One basic condition: The biotope can be observed or be grown with care and empathy for the beings, and only transformed then into a media artwork. No ants crawling through plastic tubes, but with respect documenting the ants working and then transforming it in a choreography for ballett (for example).

      If we both get inflamed, I try to help realizing your concept under the conditions of the situation and with respect to the habitat. Within the proper conditions all your work is free work, documented by yourself. You keep the rights while you give me permit to use excerpts of my choice for the website of the project and for a catalogue only. All artists shall be on the website of the project, while the well done catalogue can show a selection of exemplary biotopic works for the development of consciousness.

      I’d be happy to hear of you,

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