Hier wurden nur Bücher aufgenommen.
Zeitschriftenartikel sind bei den einzelnen Mail Artisten (u.a. bei Klaus Groh) genannt.
Ergänzungen können in den Kommentaren vorgeschlagen werden.

Here you’ll find books only.
Articles and the like are listed on the artists’ pages (i.e. Klaus Groh).
If you wish to add a book here, let us know via the comment field below.

wird erweitert/to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Literature”

  1. We published a mail art catalog in 1978: Lightworks Envelope Show: An Exhibition of Correspondence Art. It includes 3 catalogs essays by Ken Friedman, Mike Crane and Charlton Burch. Approximately 300 contributors exhibited in Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan USA. Participants were sent a blank envelope template and asked to use it for their art and return it for exhibition.
    Sheetfed offset production, 64 pages, tip-in on front cover with rubberstamp addition to colophon, Pressrun 1000 copies

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